Jim Floyd III, C.N.H.P / C.H.S

Aromatherapy and Essential Oils

Aromatherapy, or essential oils therapy, is using a plant's aroma-producing oils(essential oils) to treat disease. Essential oils are taken from a plant's flowers, leaves, stalks, bark, rind, or roots.

Experience the healing art of aromatherapy from our instructors and learn how to create your perfect environment for wellness at home and at work using essential oils.

- Jim Floyd III, C.H.S., C..N.H.P. Certified Health Specialist (CHS), Certified Natural Health  Practitioner  (CNHP) & President​ 

​I AM...A work in progress.  All of life evolves and so do communities of individuals finding better ways to live.  I AM...provides various modalities for healthier living.  We help you to rediscover your...I AM.

Wellness can be achieved through many modalities.  All areas of your life must be addressed in order to attain the greatest level of wellness.  This includes Mind, Body, Spirit.  Based on your goals, we will assist you in discovering modalities that may be right for you.

Jim Floyd III, C.H.S, C.N.H.P.