- Jim Floyd III, C.H.S., C..N.H.P. Certified Health Specialist (CHS), Certified Natural Health  Practitioner  (CNHP) & President​ 

​I AM...A work in progress.  All of life evolves and so do communities of individuals finding better ways to live.  I AM...provides various modalities for healthier living.  We help you to rediscover your...I AM.

Jim Floyd III, C.N.H.P / C.H.S

There are currently no community workshops scheduled.

Create your own workshop by doing the following:

- Invite 2 or more people over

- Leave all distractions at the door

- Get a paper and write down your big dream

- Ask the participants to do the same

- Discuss what is preventing each person from reaching their dream

- Create a plan on how you can help one another

- Schedule a follow up meeting to check in with each others progress

Please contact us for more information on future events.


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